At Macy's - diversity and inclusion are part of the very fabric of who we are and what we are about. For the past two years, the Systems Technology Group at Macy's, have requested the participation and engagement of Cynthia Harper during our celebration of Black History Month. Not only a celebration, but an important educational opportunity, each year is intended to challenge ourselves with not only reminders of the past, but thoughtful examination of the present. Without fail, Cynthia deliberated on the chosen topics with both passion and fervor. Our Leaders, Senior Management, and associates concur that her message and contagious enthusiasm made a difference. Our technology enables us to broadcast her presentations to those who cannot participate in person, creating a broad and lasting impact. Cynthia is a skilled facilitator of discussion and debate, and she is truly a dynamic speaker! 

Gian Cacioppo-VP of Operations Support, Infrastructure Services,
Macy's Systems and Technology


Cynthia, You were absolutely fabulous today and everyone loved you! We had our council meeting at 2pm and so many people brought up different aspects of the LnL, saying it was the best one ever (and we do at least one a month and have been for YEARS), the moderator was great and added so much to the discussion, people stopped people in the halls asking if they had attended, they can't wait to get it on the website so those who missed it can see it (We'll be sure to get you a copy). You are truly blessed, my friend, in so many ways. You have such beautiful God given talents. See you soon!!

Marecia West, Project Manager - Infrastructure Services
Macy's Systems & Technology


Cynthia has the rare quality of a visionary and an action oriented professional.  She is passionate about her work and brings a level of strategic implementation with it.   Her presentation skills are excellent.  She spoke to our business women's group about Purpose.  It was moving and thought provoking.  In addition, she spent a great deal of time learning from each of the business owners at the meeting how she could tailor her presentation to meet their needs.  Passion and Purpose are both stellar qualities that Cynthia has.

P.K. Beville, M.S.
Founder, Second Wind Dreams® & Geriatric Specialists
Author, Virtual Dementia Tour Series ®


Cynthia we are so grateful for your support of our organization over the past nine years. Our GEMS and Jewels absolutely love your energy, creativity, and ability to connect with audiences, young and old alike. Whether serving as a keynote presenter, Mistress of Ceremony, workshop facilitator or moderator you have an incredible way of helping our people shine.

Nicole Steele, Founder & Executive Director
Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program, Inc.


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